A day of storms devastated the state...

An epic run will help build it back...

A little help is all we need...
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On October 22, I'm going to start the Alabama Relief Run as a tornado relief fundraiser. It will be a run from Gulf Shores, AL, to the Alabama-Tennessee line just north of Huntsville, in an effort to raise money for victims of the April 27 tornadoes. My route takes me through Tuscaloosa, Hackleburg, Phil Campbell, Lawrence County, Limestone County, Harvest, and other areas affected by the storms.

I'll average around 50 miles per day, which will allow me to complete the 454-mile trek in 10 days. All money raised will go to Habitat for Humanity, which will use it to rebuild two houses, one in Tuscaloosa and one in Phil Campbell. I'll actually get to run by the house in Tuscaloosa as it's being constructed, and I'll get to run by the plot in Phil Campbell.

Anyone who would like more information or who is interested in sponsoring or donating please feel free to contact me at alabamareliefrun@live.com

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John Nevels

An avid ultrarunner for the better part of a decade, John has run races ranging in distance from 100 meters to over 100 miles.

After the April 27th tornado outbreak, he saw a way to use his somewhat eccentric pastime to benefit those still cleaning up after the storms.

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Alabama Relief Run
Gulf Coast To Tennessee_ ____________October 22 - 31, 2011
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